Friday, October 28, 2005

Thinking a " Little Chicken Soup" isn't quite enough to help a house-bound, newly-released hospital patient, I found myself considering a recently published, long-awaited bestseller as a get-well gift for a friend.
Or, should it be something different, maybe a little Feng Shui, or some Heloise to cheer her up? But what if she already had the book I was considereing? Now, I'm feeling ill trying to decide!
I realized then that the library was once again, the smart place to start my search! I could select a few magazines, videos, this might even be a great time to tackle a classic she's never had time to read; I could even bring home a cookbook for the husband! If the books were poor selections, I could come back to visit with another surprise!
Now where's that cookbook! If I'm ready for a visit I better start baking that casserole!

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