Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Running Alongside the Bandwagon...

We have two new titles at the Archdale Public Library that talk about Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code.

Walking the Da Vinci Code in Paris by Peter Caine is a travel-style look at all of the Parisian spots made famous by the novel. Maps, pictures, drawings and art reproductions embellish the work. Perfect for the virtual tourist. It is divided into eight areas based on the novel. Mr. Caine does discuss the inaccuracies of the geography in the book, but he also defends the work as compelling fiction.

Beyond the Da Vinci Code is a beautiful tome--unauthorized, of course--that deals with the novel and what inspired it. Artwork appears on almost every page. What is different about this titles is that is doesn't just lambast Dan Brown. Ms. Duchane takes a more academic approach and looks at how Dan Brown put the Da Vinci Code together--where he was right and where he may have just wanted to tell a great story.

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Get ready to purchase tickets for the Claude Monet Exhibit, which will take place at the NC Museum of Art in Raleigh this fall. The May 22 Courier-Tribune Newspaper reports that tickets can be purchased this summer for the "Monet in Normandy" Exhibit, showing October 15 through January 14, 2007. Log onto their site, ncartmuseum.org for more info!
Special Thanks!

I want to give thanks to all of the volunteers that helped with the Hot Dog Sale on Saturday.

Rick and Angie Peele, Barry Crowder and Teresa Taylor provided the hot dogs, buns, fixin's, sodas and chips. Rick, Angie and Teresa spent the time cooking and serving all of the people that came out to enjoy the sale. Andy Hunt did a phenomenal job helping with the set up and he provided some wonderful banjo music during the sale.

Everyone had a great time. It was amazing to see the community come out to support ALF.

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Live from the Book Sale!

Here is a shot of the crowds at the opening of the ALF Book Sale.

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Friday, May 19, 2006

7 Deadly Wonders by Matthew Reilly

This is definitely not an Oprah pick. But I still liked it. Action-adventure, cliffhanger, Indiana Jones-ish...very intriguing.

We follow Jack West as he pursues an ancient treasure that holds the key to world domination. In a race with Europeans and Americans (Jack is an Aussie), we follow our hero and his crew to each of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient world. Traps, betrayals and oracles keep Jack and the reader on their toes. Once you start reading it, you won't want to put it down.

Similar reads? Maybe Crichton (he is brainier), Dan Brown (too controversial) or Cussler (too macho).

Reilly deals with some Dan Brownish issues (like the Da Vinci Code), but not in as much detail or controversy. A lot of maps and illustrations are part of the novel, which really help the reader follow the action.

I give this book 7 thumbs up!

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Podcasting 101.

We have two new books at the Archdale Public Library which might be of interest.

Absolute Beginner's Guide to Podcasting by George Colombo.

and Podcasting Hacks by Jack Herrington.

Podcasting Hacks is for the more advanced user but both offer perls of wisdom for the newbie.

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Monday, May 15, 2006

Hot Dog Sale! (at the library?)
Don't forget about the book sale/hot dog sale this Saturday (May 20th). The booksale will run from 9-3 and the hot dogs will go from 11 until we run out.

ALF members Barry Crowder and Rick and Angie Peele will be providing the hot dogs, buns and grill. Hot dogs will go for $1.00. Soda, chips and water will go for .50 each.

Don't forget to stop by and support ALF.

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P.S. There will be a Friends Only Preview Sale from 5-6 on Friday, May 19th. You can join at the door. There is a five book maximum.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

More Art from Archdale, Trindale and Trinity Elementary.

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Friday, May 05, 2006

I can't wait to see the next issue of the Rolling Stone Magazine--
this will be their 1000th issue! The Live! section of the Friday, May 5th edition of the News & Record reported that Rolling Stone's cover, which cost nearly $1 million to produce, will have a 3D Cover! Happy Birthday, Rolling Stone!
Have a great weekend!
Art from Archdale, Trindale and Trinity Elementary

Ms. Wright, art teacher from Archdale, Trindale and Trinity elementary schools shares some of her students work with us during May.

Stop by.

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