Saturday, October 08, 2005

Halloween Treats @ the Archdale Library

In addition to great, spooky tales for all ages, here's a selection from a book of
"Halloween Nights...21 Spooktacular Poems":

The Scary Dictionary
The biggest book you'll ever see
Hides deep inside the library.

It sits upon an antique stand
Waiting for your trembling hand.

Don't be afraid, don't try to hide.
Just open it and look inside.

Words like Crawly, Creepy, Crud
That make your thumping heart go thud.

Words like Fear and Frankenstein
that send cold shivers up your spine.

Beward that awful burning need
To look inside and start to read.

'Cause every word that's mean and scary
Is found inside the dictionary!

"What to Wear on Halloween?"
Last year I went as Frankenstein,
the year before, a ghost.
This year I'd like to go as what
We kids all fear the most.

I've searched through stores all over town
For one old scary ghoul,
But none have masks that look just like
Our principal at school.

The Archdale Library will host it's annual Halloween Party on Tues., Oct. 25 from 7-8 pm; Our theme this year is a Masquerade Party--bring in a decorated mask or pick up one at the Archdale Library to decorate at home for a fun, spooky-time! Costumes are optional--Besides our Best Mask Contest, spooky stories & refreshments will be served--all children will receive a goody-bag! Please remember children under 11 must be accompanied by an adult/guardian.

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Shari said...

Great poems, Carol!