Monday, October 17, 2005

A friend's dinner party introduced a new kitchen gadget I hadn't seen before. A simple, clear, plastic sheet draped over a special cookbook --the sheet gave protection from smudges, drips, floury fingerprints, keeping the aroma of spices and herbs out.
I thought how useful this could be. Protecting books is an important message we give to library patrons, young and old;
Wow, I need one of these! Then I realized that the old cookbooks I use (not as often as before and not the library copies) are like family photo albums, with drips and smudges recording the special 1st anniversary dinner (a rare combo of burnt and raw, all on the same plate!) or the birthday cake, or the honey drops for the baklava we offered the high school latin class.
I decided I didn't need that fancy gadget after all!

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