Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Small Business & Leadership

The Archdale-Trinity Chamber of Commerce Small Business/Leadership Collection was created in the hopes of fostering leadership and the development of small business in the Archdale/Trinity area. The Archdale/Trinity Chamber also donates material and a small stipend to help grow the collection.

One of the titles that we added recently is Women Lead the Way by Linda Tarr-Whelan. Click on the link to request the copy to be held at your local library (it will ask for your library card number and PIN. The PIN is the last four digits of your phone number).
Despite enormous gains made in the past decades, women continue to be woefully underrepresented in positions of power. This is a loss for everyone--women's priorities are overlooked and organizations miss out on the new perspectives and fresh insights that women can offer. Entrepreneur, diplomat, nonprofit and government leader, nurse, and mom Linda Tarr-Whelan intends to change that. Taking lessons form her own distinguished career and those of the extraordinary women she has know, she offers practical guidance for bringing your passion, brains, and background to the tables where critical issues get decided. --Book jacket.

The following is a related-post from the summer:
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Don't forget to come in and check out the other books in our Archdale-Trinity Chamber of Commerce Leadership/Small Business Collection.

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