Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Financial Survival at the Library!

Author Kristen Eckstein of Imagine Studios will present a program on Financial Survival at 10:30 am on Monday, May 18 as part of our Job-Hunting Series. Everyone is welcome.

Kristen recently published Financial Survival: Practical Ways to Save Money.

Kristen will discuss:

  • Surviving on very little income
  • Paying down your debt for good
  • Not having to struggle financially
  • Having enough money for your normal bills and debt payments
  • Stretching your money further than you thought it would go
  • Living on a thinner-than-a-shoestring budget
  • Finding the things you need cheap or free

In her book, Kristen Eckstein shares insights that changed her lifestyle when her family lived for several years with little and no income. To this day, she uses the principles she discovered to save money and actively shares them with others. She hopes your financial life is changed for the better by the content within this book.

This program is FREE and open to everyone.

Call us at 431-3811 for more information!

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