Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Children's Department in Archdale is getting ready for a holiday craft-time for school-age children on Thursday from 3-4 pm. We'll talk about the history of greeting cards while we nibble on goodies. Holiday stories will be enjoyed while the children create their own family greeting! All made possible by Alf--Archdale Library Friends!
Did you know the first known published Christmas card appeared in London in 1843, when the artist John Calcott Horsley was hired by Sir Henry Cole to design a holiday card that could be sent to acquaintances and friends? The American greeting card industry started in a small lithographic business, owned by a German immigrant, Louis Prang, near Boston in 1856. He perfected the color lithographic process within 10 years of founding his firm. His reproductions surpassed those of other graphic arts craftsmen both in the US and Great Britain. By 1875 Prang introduced the first complete line of Christmas cards to the American public.
The explosive growth in electronic technology and consumer use of the Internet gave birth to the electronic greeting card in the late 1990s.
Hallmark Cards and American Greeting cards are the largest card producers in the world. When the Hallmark founder, Joyce Hall, died in l982 at 91 years of age, he left a company worth $1.5 billion!


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