Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Running Alongside the Bandwagon...

We have two new titles at the Archdale Public Library that talk about Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code.

Walking the Da Vinci Code in Paris by Peter Caine is a travel-style look at all of the Parisian spots made famous by the novel. Maps, pictures, drawings and art reproductions embellish the work. Perfect for the virtual tourist. It is divided into eight areas based on the novel. Mr. Caine does discuss the inaccuracies of the geography in the book, but he also defends the work as compelling fiction.

Beyond the Da Vinci Code is a beautiful tome--unauthorized, of course--that deals with the novel and what inspired it. Artwork appears on almost every page. What is different about this titles is that is doesn't just lambast Dan Brown. Ms. Duchane takes a more academic approach and looks at how Dan Brown put the Da Vinci Code together--where he was right and where he may have just wanted to tell a great story.

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